Two women, aged 37 and 43, have been arrested at Paphos airport after attempting to depart the island using forged travel documents, police said on Monday.

The first woman arrived at the international airport around 11.40am on Saturday, with the aim to board a flight to Brussels.

She presented a Belgian identity card during passport control, however, the photograph depicted a different person and she was taken for questioning. Police told the Cyprus News Agency the woman gave her personal information which was indeed different than the ones on the ID card.

The suspect, a 37-year-old Congolese woman, was remanded for one day.

A second woman of African origin who presented herself at the same airport at 7pm on Sunday, was also arrested after she presented a Luxembourg identity card to travel to Italy.

Police said the woman, who was from Cameroon and was 43 years old, confessed to forgery.