The Workplace Inspection Department on Tuesday reported on court rulings so far this year against companies and employers found guilty of lax workplace safety and health practices, where in some cases the incidents had led to serious injuries.

Overall, Nicosia district court fined eight companies and one individual for various violations of workplace rules.

In one instance, the construction company Tofarco Property Investments Ltd was fined a total of €3,200 relating to the serious injury of an employee. The court found that the company had not made available the necessary gear, as a result of which the worker fell from a height of 1.8 metres while working on a scaffolding.

The same company was also found guilty of failing to swiftly inform the relevant authorities of the accident, and also of not taking measures to ensure no tampering with the scene of the accident before inspectors arrived.

In another case, JP Multiform Steel Ltd was fined €5,000 for a workplace accident, where an employee fell from a height of 4.3 metres. The company did not provide an adequate walk ramp.

The court also slapped a €2,100 fine on JKS Interior Compositions Ltd for lax monitoring of workplace safety after an employee fell off a stepladder. In addition, the company did not have insurance against accidents or occupational disease for all its employees.

Another company, Alkis H Hadjikyriacos (Frou-Frou Biscuits) Public Ltd was fined €750 for not taking adequate precautions around packing machines.