The House watchdog committee is expected to spend two to three sessions discussing the audit service’s report on the citizenship by investment scheme, its chair Zacharias Koulias said on Tuesday.

Talking to the Cyprus News Agency, Koulias said that the aim of the committee is to place things in order according to current legislation.

The committee will start looking into the report during an extraordinary session to be held on Thursday, which Interior Minister Nicos Nouris is expected to attend.

“The session was scheduled after the publication of the report as we have had several other critical issues to look at such as the general health system,” Koulias said.

“The report is quite extensive, and the discussion will begin on Thursday, but I doubt we will be able to finish in one session as the report raises several issues,” he added.

Koulias also noted that the Auditor General must analyse his report.

“All those who should be present, including the police, have been called and everyone must assume their share of the responsibility,” he said.

Also called to attend are the auditor general, the director generals of the finance ministry, the interior ministry, the department of lands and surveys, the commissioner of taxation, the secretary of the ministerial cabinet and representatives of the Republic’s legal service.

Koulias further acknowledged the fact that the time to study the report thoroughly until Thursday is inadequate, saying the discussion will commence, and the committee members will agree when everyone can further review the report and come back.

“As much time as needed will be allocated,” he said, adding that the goal is to highlight the various issues and have those in charge assume their responsibilities, given that illegalities were committed.

Koulias also noted that there will certainly be another session on the matter after Thursday and even if no conclusion is reached then, a third session will be held.