Exhibit 8 Gallery in Limassol and Paphos Women Artists are getting ready to host a multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to immigration. Titled Boundaries: External & Internal Impact of Immigration, the showcase opens its doors on September 2 featuring the works of seven artists.

“The Boundaries exhibition,” say organisers, “is aimed at discovering in an artistic way how immigration changes us. Well-established and emerging artists with various cultural backgrounds will show diverse aspects of immigration influence. Greek, Irish, British, Belarussian, Russian, Ukrainian and Cypriot cultures will intersect in one unique pattern for the two weeks of the exhibition. A series of art talks and workshops will be held in the art space as well.”

Participating in the exhibition are photographers Stefanos Kouratzis and Vassos Stylianou, Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist Iryna Manukovska, mixed media and Belarus-born artist Ilona Za Kuzniatsova, Russian artist Alina Voronezhskaya, ceramist Peter Moore from the UK and Irish artist Miriam McConnon.


Group art exhibition. September 2-16. Exhibit 8 Gallery, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm. Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-11pm. Tel: 25-212171. www.exhibit8.com.cy