Residents of Dali have sent a second letter within a month to President Nicos Anastasiades calling for the two asphalt plants in the area to be closed down, as per a Supreme Court ruling.

Members of the community called on the president to personally intervene so that the violation of the court order is brought to an end.

In their letter the residents said the continuing operation of one of the plants in Yeri has caused “intense problems”.

It also means that the people of the area cannot live in a healthy environment, they said.

They also reminded of the serious problems they face from the smell of burning from the factories, which hangs over their and their children’s daily lives. Out concerns are growing as time goes by, the residents said.

Finally, they asked if the state plans on ensuring compliance with the Supreme Court ruling to move the asphalt plants and ban their operation Dali area before the reopening of schools.

Primary schools are set to open on September 12 and senior schools on September 7.