Shots were fired on Monday during a police case from Limassol to Larnaca as officers attempted to arrest three people linked to a case of property theft.

Two police officers and the three suspects were all injured as a result of their dramatic arrest.

According to a police statement, shortly after midnight police received a tip-off according to which suspicious people were stealing catalytic converters from cars in an area of Limassol.

Police arrived on the scene where they spotted a car without licence plates.

As soon as the driver realised the presence of the officers, he drove his car into the police vehicle, and sped off. Police pursued the vehicle while the driver committed various traffic violations.

The pursuit continued onto the Limassol-Nicosia highway and then onto the Kofinou-Larnaca highway.

Police attempted bring the suspect’s vehicle to a halt by firing warning shots with their service pistols, eventually managing to stop the car at Rizoelia roundabout.

The driver was identified to be a 36-year-old man, while two other people, aged 37 and 28, were passengers in the vehicle.

During a subsequent search of the car, a crowbar, two electric cutting tools and two catalytic converters were found.

The three occupants did not provide satisfactory explanation for the origin of the objects, as a result of which they were arrested for illegal possession of property.

Police escorted all three suspects to Larnaca general hospital to be treated for the injuries they sustained during the chase.

The 36-year-old and the 37-year-old were kept for further treatment, while the 28-year-old was discharged after receiving first aid

The two officers, who likewise sustained minor injuries, were also treated and released.

Limassol CID are continuing the investigation.