Police on Wednesday stopped a 19-year-old driving 180km/ an hour in a 50km zone.

According to Paphos police spokesman and CID chief Michalis Nicolaou, at around 2.25am police were carrying out speed checks in Paphos area and on the municipality’s secondary road network when they saw a vehicle speeding at 180km/h instead of 50km/h which was the limit in that area.

It was found that the driver was 19-year-old from Paphos who was taken to the station, charged and released to be summoned to court later.

Nicolaou said there were 67 traffic bookings in the last 24 hours in Paphos and the municipality’s secondary road network, of which 45 concerned speeding and the rest lesser violations.

Coordinated operations in preventing road collisions will continue, according to the police announcement.