The cryptocurrency market has been highly turbulent since it reached an all-time high in November 2021. Moreover, till the middle of this year, global investment in digital asset funds remained noticeably high, despite the brutal bear market that occurred due to the unexpected Russia-Ukraine crisis, rising inflation, and the problems suffered by the Terra crypto ecosystem.

Aave and (CRNO) are two cryptocurrencies that are the most sought-after among crypto investors and crypto industry experts today. Due to their growth and ability to maintain dominance over the market during a bearish state, an increasing number of people have been gravitating towards AAVE and CRNO tokens. Just recently, (CRNO) completed a successful presale that has nearly sold out and saw a phenomenal growth of over 690%.

Aave continues to rise with the Aave V3 launch

Aave is an open-source system for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies and is supported by a Swiss firm founded in 2017. The crypto market fall seems to have had little effect on Aave after the launch of the latest version of the protocol V3. Aave V3 aims to fix some of the flaws experienced by investors in the previous version by reducing risk, increasing scalability, and making Aave a true cross-chain protocol.

According to CoinMarketCap, the AAVE price was $91.95 on September 6th. The AAVE volume surged by 60.50 percent between September 5 and 6, which has stood out. Following the release of V3, the price of the AAVE token also surged by 97%. There are great hopes for the AAVE coin’s capacity to break out of the bear market as it challenges rising trendlines. With a total value locked (TVL) of more than $9.3 billion, Aave is now rated as the second largest DeFi protocol.

Aave has proven itself to be a dynamic platform that is always evolving and improving. Aave provides its members with a number of options for borrowing and lending a variety of cryptocurrencies. Users are able to use the protocol to lend and borrow crypto (digital currency) in exchange for rewards. Market experts rank Aave as one of the top six largest decentralized finance (DeFi) projects because of the high number of lenders who have locked in their cryptocurrency. As a governance token, AAVE tokens are about more than just buying power; they also represent a stake in the platform’s long-term success. leads the market after its presale

Each year, people spend millions of dollars on expensive watches to add to their collections. However, not everyone can afford to buy luxury brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, and others. (CRNO) is a revolutionary digital asset platform that allows micro-investments in high-end watch brands. Users can buy a fraction of these watches using’s (CRNO) native token, CRNO, and keep the investment until they sell or redeem it for the physical timepiece.

People who otherwise couldn’t get their hands on one of these watches can do so using (CRNO) marketplace. Holders of (CRNO) can also resell the tokens and use the proceeds to purchase another luxury brand watch. Additionally, CRNO holders also enjoy reduced market fees and are eligible for a free monthly lottery to win high-end watches.

During the presale, the value of one (CRNO) token increased from $0.001 to $0.079. Experts predict that (CRNO) could increase further by 5,000% within the next few months. (CRNO) is still in its early stages making it the perfect time to invest in it to reap the inevitable growth benefits soon.


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