An app to alert the authorities of problems in the road, called Fix Cyprus, was launched on Tuesday by the Cyprus Centre for Research and Excellence (Kios) in the presence of Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos.

Operating under the University of Cyprus, the Kios centre’s app will allow people to report problems including broken traffic lights, damage, and vandalism directly to public sector authorities, which can then investigate the claims and proceed with correcting the issue.

Speaking at the event, Karousos said the goal is to improve the quality of road safety.

He added that the appropriate state services will investigate each claim, including the electricity authority (EAC), the waterboard of each district, telecoms companies, and other government authorities.

People reporting issues will also have to provide a picture of the problem and detailed description.

Karousos said that all the authorities mentioned have been informed of the app, and all the staff have gone through training to help deal with the problems reported on Fix Cyprus.

“Road safety concerns us all and I am particularly happy with the launch of the Fix Cyprus platform and the availability of the mobile phone application, because in this way each of us, motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians or even residents in a region can contribute positively,” he said.

Karousos said the promotion of a series of actions and legislative regulations to improve the level of road safety is among the priorities of the ministry.

He added that, among other things, grant programmes for safety equipment have been implemented, legislation has been modernised to help increase road safety levels, and the ministry has undertaken targeted road safety advertising campaigns.

The app is available from the play store or the Apple store