Four Limassol hotels have shown interest in housing students from the University of Technology (Tepak), offering a total of 162 beds for specific periods of time, it was reported on Wednesday.

Director of Administration and Finance at the University, Costas Hoppa told CNA that efforts are continuing to address the problem of increased rents and of unavailable properties for rent in Limassol.

The Caravel, Navarria, Tsanotel and Atlantica hotels have offered beds for short and longer periods, some covering the entire academic year.

Hoppas said the hotels had asked for a monthly room rate of 800 euros. However the University Council unanimously decided that the cost could not be more than 700 euros per month, a price to which the four hotels responded. A limited number of double rooms was set at 800 euros per month.

Therefore, students who accumulate 12 points or more and are entitled to a rent allowance, will pay 387 euros per month for a single room and 250 euros per month for a double room, with the remaining amount covered by the University.

“We initially needed accommodation for 134 students and we have 162 hotel rooms available, without this meaning that all students will choose the specific hotels, since they have the right to choose another type of private accommodation,” he said.

“However that there are no more places available for rent in Limassol and if there are, the prices are very high,” he added.

Tepak is losing students from outside Limassol, who, faced with the cost of renting space, prefer to stay in their city or even study at a lower cost of rent in Greece, Hoppas said.

The House education committee is expected to discuss the student housing shortage at its session on Wednesday. Hoteliers have been invited to the session.

It was announced on Tuesday that students would receive up to 2,500 euros each to help cover rent this academic year.