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Nick Ayala helps families protect their assets


Asset protection entails ensuring that regardless of your age and health, you make sure that you protect your loved ones from suffering a loss of financial support under any difficult circumstances, including death, divorce, or even natural disasters. However, another critical aspect of asset protection includes making the correct retirement provisions.

According to CEO of Priority Life Group Insurance, Nick Ayala, “Helping families protect their assets requires several strategies, including insurance, investing, and risk management.” Ayala adds, “When families plan their asset protection carefully, they immediately create peace of mind.”

Creating a better way

Nick Ayala, the owner of one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies globally, has earned a respectful place in the business world thanks to his professionalism and innovation as an entrepreneur. Known for his magnificent efforts in building up Priority Life Group Insurance, Ayala has kept his vision clear and head down as he has found unique ways to ensure its success.

Ayala’s 15-years+ of business experience includes investments, insurance, finance, stock market analysis, and asset protection. He aims to help protect individuals and families by ensuring their assets remain safe and devotes all his energy to these goals.

At Priority Life, every agent gets the best possible training to ensure that they can simplify the process of helping people meet their asset protection needs. The goal of every agent is to provide for the specific needs of every client with the right amount of insurance coverage at the most affordable prices. From mortgage protection to increased savings, medicare, annuity planning, and meeting other unforeseen expenses, getting a quote and fast approval are what their clients have come to expect.

Immediate success

When Nick Ayala created Priority Life as president of the company, he never dreamed of such instant success. Yet, in a few months, Entrepreneur 360 recognized his efforts and named him one of the top entrepreneurs in 2017.

Three years later, Integrity Marketing Group bought Priority Life, giving Nick the position of Managing Partner at the Dallas-based health and life insurance distributor with more than 5,000 employees. 

However, Nick Ayala is also the founder of Align Capital Ventures, a family office focusing on futures and equity trading. Align Capital Ventures was born out of Nick’s obsession with the financial markets, chart patterns and analysis of how the market moves. Ayala’s interest in business and finances is not new since he studied just that at Florida University and has a deep understanding of stock market analysis. 

Personal growth

When Nick graduated from Florida State University, the world of professional golf called. He played the international circuit for a while with all its challenges and enjoyed every moment, but soon felt the tug return to his hometown of Boca Raton.

He is the first to admit that the trials of the business world are not easy; he has faced several of them and not succeeded in all. However, he knows that each experience teaches him something new, and he is proud to pass his knowledge to others along the way.

It is not astounding that you will find motivated and ambitious people on his team. However, Nick Ayala knows how to choose those around him to help him meet the objectives of his companies and clients. Choosing the right people is one element, and mentoring follows to ensure everyone thrives in the work environment, no matter what situation gets thrown at them.

Therefore, Nick Ayala ensures that every team member reaches their full potential by achieving a new level of personal growth. You will often find Ayala inspiring agents across several cities in the country.

Final comment

Being a busy entrepreneur does not mean that Nick Ayala does not make the time to dedicate to those he loves and his hobbies. Besides being deeply faith-based, Nick also enjoys exotic cars and still plays a good game of golf. Nick and Adriana, his wife, also make the time to support several charities, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Habitat for Humanity. They also serve on the Chairman’s Society of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sometimes, the man who helps families protect their assets likes to make the time to indulge in fine wine and accompany it with good food. A great reward after a long day!

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