Firefighters on either side of the divide were busy on Sunday as numerous fires broke out across the island.

The Forestry Department announced that a forest fire that broke out at 5.15 p.m. within the Pedagogical Academy National Forest Park was quickly brought under control at 5.40 p.m.

The statement said that the intervention of the forest firefighters was immediate, resulting in the fire being brought under control before it spread.

Three Forestry Department personnel with 1 fire truck were involved in extinguishing the fire.

The exact causes of the fire are being investigated.

Meanwhile, in the village of Politiko in the Nicosia district, a fire broke out around 5.30pm on Sunday in an outdoor storeroom of a house.

According to a Twitter post by Fire Department spokesman Andreas Kettis, the Lakatamia Fire Station responded.

The fire, he says, was contained by a fire truck from the Metropolitan Tamasos Fire Department.

Kettis also disclosed that a fire had also broken out in the occupied territories, close to the village of Mia Milia.

Across the divide meanwhile, a fire that broke out on Saturday night at a solid waste storage facility in the occupied Koutsoventi, continues to burn.

“As reported from the occupied territories, efforts are being made to extinguish the fire by the fire brigade,” Cyprus News Agency (Cna) reported.

The thick black smoke is visible in the free areas.