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Action plan drawn up for yellow fever mosquito

1280px aedes aegypti
aedes aegypti

There is no cause for concern over the Aedes aegypti mosquito – often referred to as the yellow fever mosquito – that was spotted in the area of Dromolaxia, near Larnaca, according to the town’s mayor Kypros Andronikou and the health ministry. 

In statements after a meeting at the municipality, Andronikou said an action plan drawn up by the state health services on how to handle the mosquito species was laid out. 

He added that it is “unnecessary for people to be concerned”. 

“We want to reassure the public that at this stage, but also in the future, according to what the experts have explained to us, there are no grounds for concern,” Andronikou said. 

He urged people not to panic, adding that with the implementation of the action plan, the Aedes Aegypt mosquitos will be exterminated. 

Herodotos Herodotou, head of the health services at the ministry of health, said that during the meeting they explained to the mayor the steps to be taken in the next days, adding they have also mapped the area. 

Herodotou said for diseases to spread, certain preconditions that are not in Cyprus must exist, adding that no cases of yellow fever or dengue have been detected on the island. 

“The aim of the action plan is to completely eradicate the impact of the mosquitos or keep it at such low levels that the species cannot cause any problems,” Herodotou said. 

The health ministry has called on people to eliminate exposed water collections from their houses, as they may serve as breeding grounds for the mosquito. 

Specifically, the health ministry referred to water collection containers, open tanks, fountains, cans filled with rainwater, flower pots, broken bottles, abandoned car tyres, and any other object that can hold a small amount of water. 


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