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How to lose weight fast but safely

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Losing weight is something that would probably make an overweight person happier. However, sometimes the process can be too slow to the point you feel like giving up and sometimes experience weight gain. However, weight loss is not difficult if you know how to lose weight fast and safely. That is what we look at in this guide below. 

If you want to lose weight quickly and achieve a healthy weight, then you have to make several changes in your life. Weight loss can only be successful also if you commit. Below are some tips on how to get the right body weight fast and safely too.

Increase vegetable intake

You might have been told before to eat your vegetables, and you thought it was a joke. Health Canal nutritionists recommend taking vegetables for rapid weight loss. This is because vegetables contain fiber which is filling. This means you now have reduced calorie intake and can keep the body fat in check. 

Increase protein and fat intake

Proteins and fats can be healthy foods and healthy fats you need for proper weight management. Eating proteins and low-carb diets mean having fewer calories that your body needs to lose weight. You will also not lose muscle since proteins will be there to help build more. Still, clinical nutrition shows how protein helps you feel fuller for longer than carbohydrates. 

Drink more water

Some people might be thinking, how does drinking more water promote weight loss? Well, losing excess weight all depends on how many calories you keep off the diet. Drinking more water not only helps hydrate you but can also keep you full and maintain blood sugar. You will lose weight faster as you no longer eat all the time. Also, it is good to have water as part of a balanced diet. 

Improve your breakfast

Of course, eating a healthy breakfast is also important to help you lose weight. We recommend going for a low-calorie diet food intake so that you can eat fewer calories while at the same time encouraging fat burning. Good breakfast in line with very low-calorie diets means you will not have so many calories to burn throughout the day. You still get to burn more belly fat with a calorie deficit. 

Skip sugary beverages

As part of changing your eating habits, try mindful eating, including taking less sugary beverages and processed foods. This means you consume fewer calories and still maintain lean muscle mass as you lose weight. There are several other health benefits, including maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

Slowing down on sugary beverages also means you do not end up triggering your insulin all the time. Insulin is the hormone that leads to fat accumulation in case of excess sugars. So, keeping it low means you burn more fat for energy, thus losing weight. 


The best way to lose weight includes exercising. That is one thing that can help you get a steady weight loss experience. You can also pair the workouts with a healthy diet and intermittent fasting to optimize fat burning. We also recommend that you limit sugary drinks during this period. In case you have questions on how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks, start with exercising and changing your diet. , 

Get enough sleep

To the surprise of many people, your weight loss journey is more than just healthy food and workouts. You also need to get enough sleep. You might find that a healthy diet paired with good sleep leads to sustainable weight loss. Good sleep means the stress hormones that might make you gain weight are kept at bay. You may get modest weight loss, but it will be sustainable. Do not forget your weight loss-friendly foods mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

It is not easy to lose 10 pounds in 3 days unless you do extended fasting. Also, most of that lost weight can be water weight, so how you break the fast can determine if you regain it all. 

  1. What is the fastest way to lose weight?

The fastest way to lose weight will likely include a lot of extended fasting. Some would fast for days, which is how you would see losing more weight. However, it is not sustainable.



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