Dams across Cyprus are at more than two thirds capacity, according to the latest results from the waterboard published on Monday.

But according to the Kitasweather website, in just the last three days a total of 0.409 million cubic metres of water have flowed into the dams.

The island has been affected by severe storms, with the weather system expected to last until Thursday, according to the meteorological service.

Kitasweather reported that since the start of the month, 0.425 million cubic metres of water have flowed into the dams.

Total capacity in the dams is now at 69.8 per cent. compared to October 2021 when capacity registered at 52.2 per cent.

“It is particularly important that water inflows have begun so early within the hydrological year, since with the rains which we hope will continue over the next months, water should be able to reach the dams with greater ease.”

Kitasweather said that with rainfall expected to continue, the current flow into the dams could reach one million cubic metres by Tuesday.

It said the highest inflow to the dams for the entire month of October occurred in 2016, at 2.566 million cubic metres.

“It appears this record [for October] may be equaled or even broken. That should become apparent within the next 24 hours,” the weather monitoring website said.