Around 8,000 beds will be available for tourists in the Paphos district through the winter months, while a digital campaign promoting the area to potential visitors will be underway until mid-December, the Paphos Tourism Board (Etap) announced on Tuesday.

“The digital campaign is primarily aimed at increasing the destination’s visibility, attracting visitors with comfortable air connection to Paphos airport,” Etap said.

The target countries for Paphos during the winter months are mainly the UK, Germany, Poland and France.

“We believe that the digital campaign promoting Paphos will also contribute to the transformation of the island from a summer destination to a year-round one,” the statement added.

Etap finally added that the flight schedule of two main low-cost airlines, namely EasyJet and Ryanair, for the upcoming months will play a decisive role in maintaining a steady number of visitors to the town and the entire district.

“The two airlines connect Paphos to over 35 airports and bring over 100 flights per week to the airport,” Etap concluded.