An alternative cycling tour will take place in Nicosia this Saturday, weather permitting, and it seeks to lead participants around the capital, exploring ways to make Nicosia more sustainable. Organised by Europe Direct Ledra Palace Area, AHDR and Home for Cooperation, the morning cycle ride will invite the participants to view the city’s infrastructure from an environmental point of view.

“It will encourage critical thinking through the social and economic lenses of sustainability,” say the organisers. “How can a city prepare to adapt to the effects of climate change and what is a just transition to a viable future?”

Led by urban planner, architect and cycling enthusiast Marina Kyriakou, the tour will start and finish at the Home for Cooperation and will take place across both sides of the divide. Therefore, participants are required to bring their ID/passport with them. Lasting for two hours, from 10.30am, the tour is free to attend and will take place in English. Simply register via email at [email protected] and if you need to rent a bike make sure to add it to the email as only a limited number of bikes are available.

Imagining a Sustainable Nicosia

Cycling tour with Marina Kyriakou. October 22. Meeting point: Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 10.30am-12.30pm. Free. In English. Registrations: [email protected]