Voter registration can be done online as of today, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris and Deputy Minister of Research Kyriacos Kokkinos announced on Wednesday.

Registration for the 2023 presidential elections will begin on October 20 for people aged 18-25, who are registering for the first time.

People over 25 still have the opportunity to register in the traditional way, but through the citizen service centres or the district administration offices.
The deadline for registration in the presidential elections will be December 27, 2022.

The interior minister added that Turkish Cypriots will also be allowed to register to vote, provided they have a Cypriot ID card, and their parents are already registered.
The system will be made available to over 25s after the presidential elections and just before the EU elections and the elections for local government in May 2024.

The age group will be asked to file further proof of residency in Cyprus for over six months. The system will be linked with the social security system, to make it easier for registration. To register, people should visit and follow all the necessary instructions.

Nouris said that the number of Cypriot citizens aged 18-25 today stands at 69,855, of which 35,746 have already registered on the electoral roll, but a very significant number of 33,618 (48.13 per cent) have not yet done so.