Two men had their driving licences suspended on Thursday for drink driving with one of them also receiving three months in prison, police said.

In the first case tried by the Famagusta District Court, a 45-year-old was sentenced to three months in prison and will have his licence suspended for one year.

According to police, in October 2021 the man hit another oncoming car on a Paralimni road at 4:30am.

During their investigations, police found that he had been driving with an already suspended licence, no insurance, and was also drunk.

An alcotest showed 155μg instead of the allowed 22μg.

Meanwhile, in another case that was heard at the Nicosia district court, a 54-year-old man was given a licence suspension.

Police found the 54-yeasr-old driving drunk on October 19 in Nicosia. During an alcotest, the man registered 92μg instead of 22μg. He was also found to be driving without insurance, something he was fined for.

He was arrested and taken into custody. He appeared in the Nicosia court on Friday, where the judge decided to suspend his licence until his case is brought to a close.

The man is set to appear in court again on November 4.