Presidential candidate Nikos Christdoulides said on Sunday he would form a government of national unity that would also include people who had not supported him if he is successful in gaining the position.

In a speech before the Edek central committee, the independent candidate said that all of those that have pledged their support do not agree on how to handle the Cyprus problem but they have decided they will cooperate and avoid imposing their positions on each other.

“Instead of divergences, we identified and focused on convergences, which are many and important,” he said in reference to Edek’s stand on the issue.

He said they all agree that the Cyprus problem must be solved through negotiations, under the umbrella of the UN. “Partition is rejected out of hand, whether disguised by a confederation solution or overtly by a two-state solution. The current situation cannot be considered a solution to the problem,” he said.

Christodoulides said he aims for a sustainable solution that will provide political, collective and personal security to all legal residents of Cyprus.

He supports the transformation of the Republic of Cyprus into a federal state, through a solution that will ensure independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty, will apply the European acquis, will abolish guarantees and ensure the full withdrawal of occupying troops and the implementation of the EU’s 4 basic freedoms. These, he added, are the common ground with Edek that he considers very important and says also cover the positions of the vast majority of Greek Cypriots.

In the modern world, he said, complex solutions are needed without ideological rigidities and extreme policies. “I believe in a mixed economic system, in the social aspect of our economy, in political rationality,” he said.

He said the proposals of Edek have been taken seriously, while he also backed by right wing parties Diko and Dipa.

The middle class, he said, has long been the backbone of the economy and society and needs to be strengthened and enlarged to alleviate social inequalities. He also noted that a young person from the left is not affected differently than one from the centre in their quest to find a quality job, saying that this is the first message that society clearly sends in the dialogue with it.

The aim of his co-operation with Edek is to create better living conditions for citizens, professional security and social peace.

He also spoke of moving citizens away from the poverty, ensuring equal health rights for all, turning schools into incubators of ideas, moving forward with digital transformation and creating quality jobs for young people.

“I need your help to be able to complete our struggle successfully, the transition of our country to a new political era, as is the demand of society,” he added, expressing the belief that “all together we will succeed”.