Residents of four Limassol communities on Monday morning held a protest demanding the removal of the asphalt plants from their area.

Representing the communities of Moni, Monagroulli, Pyrgos and Asgata, the protesters carried banners with slogans such as ‘Out With Asphalt. Clean Environment,’ ‘Our Health Above All’ and ‘Stop the Pollution.’

The leaders of the four communities stated their outrage at the operation of the two asphalt factories and the fact that residents have to suffer their suffocating emissions, especially in the morning hours, and which are known causes of respiratory problems and lingering discomfort, such as shortness of breath, throughout the day.

The activists expressed their anger that despite strong protests since 2019 against one of the factories, a second one eventually also went into operation, with both plants now working from early morning until late at night.

The protesters also accused the authorities of procrastination in making decisions to resolve the issue.

The four communities demanded the immediate closure of the factories and their relocation to other places away from residential areas, and expressed determination to proceed with ongoing and if necessary stronger civil action.

A letter on their stance and demands was sent to the minister of agriculture last week.