Into mushrooms? Head over to Spilia on November 19 and 20 for two full days of mushroom tasting and exploring, organised by Kyriakides Mushrooms. Along with the mountain community of Spilia, Kyriakides is hosting the annual mushroom celebration in the small Troodos village.

The two-day event will take place mainly at Spilia but also at its surrounding villages, extending to Kyperounta, Kakopetria and Galata, where numerous agrotourism accommodations can welcome guests wanting to spend the night to fully enjoy Cyprus’ biggest mushroom celebration.

Educational and entertaining activities will take place for all ages ranging from music, dance and a children’s corner. Of course, the menu of the festival will highlight mushrooms cooked by chefs from the Cyprus Chefs Association. One of the highlights of the 2022 event is the challenge to break the World Record for the biggest sauté mushroom fry-up which will attempt to cook 1,000 kilos of mushrooms in one pan with a diameter of 4 meters.

Talks to dieticians, tsiattista, dances, a guided forest walk and plenty of bites to eat will make up the two days of the festival. All with a mushroom focus, exploring their intricate natural world.


Mushroom Festival

By Kyriakides Mushrooms. November 19-20. Spilia, Troodos. 10am. Facebook event: Giorti Manitariou