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State doctors to stage work stoppage on Thursday (Updated)


Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela on Monday said he would be holding a series of meetings in an attempt to find a compromise that would satisfy state doctors, who announced a strike for later in the week.  

Earlier in the day, state doctors’ union Pasyki reminded that all doctors working in state hospitals and health centres will be staging a three-hour work stoppage later in the week. 

The scheduled work stoppage is set to take place between 11am and 2pm on Thursday over security issues in hospitals. 

During this time, A&E departments will be staffed by security personnel. 

The union said doctors who provide their services to public hospitals demand transparency in relation to their professional insurance – “nothing less and nothing more than the legislation and regulations provide”. 

Speaking to reporters after a press conference on World Diabetes Day, the health minister said he had scheduled a meeting with Pasyki and the state health services organisation Okypy to discuss the issues at hand.  

He also said he would be holding a meeting on the operation of A&E departments at state hospitals. 

“When there are problems, we always step in and find solutions,” he said, recalling as an example the case of specialist doctors who had complained about long hours and working conditions. 

“After a meeting, we agreed on the timetable and on a significant pay rise, which is on track of being approved by the finance ministry,” he said. 



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