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New quality label for Troodos products

troodos quality label
Troodos quality label (photo:

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) has set its sights on promoting Troodos local products with the introduction of a “Mountain Agriculture Troodos” quality label. The products, currently available in the new Micropolis supermarket chain, are distinguished by their high quality and are produced exclusively by Troodos farmers, CyI announced.

According to the announcement, the quality label for the Troodos products is the first comprehensive effort to create a voluntary labelling system for agricultural products in Cyprus.

The concept is not just about labelling, CyI says, but an effort to determine criteria to motivate producers to improve their agricultural practices on three levels: environmental, business responsibility, and food safety.

Producers who apply a series of mandatory and optional criteria around the three above-mentioned themes are eligible to display the label. Additionally, criteria relating to geographical location apply.

Nikos Tzionis, an apple producer from Agros, said that the label will give new life and identity to Troodos products, while Lambros Achilleos, president of the cooperative growers’ union SEDIGEP, invited all mountain communities to get on board with the effort.

Christos Zoumidis, a researcher in water and natural resource management and economics at CyI, stated that the idea began three years ago and developed through consultation with producers. The research was co-financed by the European regional development fund and the Republic.

Savvas Maliotis, of the Filagrotiki agribusiness software consulting company, said the vision was for the initiative to guarantee products of high quality, both visually and in terms of taste, but also guarantee production methods that are responsible towards workers, society, the consumer, and future generations.

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