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Operations rose threefold in 2021

ΠτΔ – Παρουσίαση έργου Κυβέρνησης στον πυλώνα «Υγεία για Όλους»

Operations rose threefold after the inclusion of private hospitals in the national health scheme (Gesy) which increased the number of beds available by almost 80 per cent, data showed on Wednesday.

In total 100,000 operations were performed in 2021 for Gesy beneficiaries compared with 34,000 operations performed in public hospitals before private clinics entered the scheme, President Nicos Anastasiades revealed during his speech at the second presentation of the Cyprus Tomorrow plan.

He said the national health scheme (Gesy) was “the biggest reform in the history of the Cyprus Republic”, noting how it ensures equal access to quality medical services to everyone.

From the initial discussions for its introduction back in 1966, the president said the three-year-old system is now a success, citing recent data. To date, 85 per cent of the doctors have registered to provide services under the scheme, 96 per cent of clinical laboratories and 97 per cent of pharmacies. In total, 58 hospitals and clinics, accounting for 90 per cent of the total number of beds available, have also registered.

This has increased the number of beds available to 2,742 from 1,543 before its implementation.

But there were also some dysfunctions, Anastasiades said, which resulted in the government adopting relevant actions to combat exploitation and eliminate corruption within Gesy.

These included the diversification of the compensation model of the personal doctor, modification of the remuneration model of medical staff, but also the prohibition of contracted hospitals to provide private services to Gesy beneficiaries among others.

A bill has also been prepared to introduce an institution to allow patients to convey complaints and other comments while specific software was purchased to analyse inpatient cases and identify abuse or fraud.



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