Police fined 80 people on e-scooters in one week, most of whom were reported for driving in unauthorised areas.

The fines were issued during checks across the government-controlled areas carried out from November 14 to November 20 this year for the proper driving of personal mobility devices based on the relevant legislation.

Police said that out of the 80 fines, 49 persons were reported for driving in unauthorised movement areas and 23 persons were reported for not wearing a protective helmet.

Two persons were reported for driving on a busy road, four persons were reported for driving outside the designated movement lane, two persons were reported becauses their e-scooters were not equipped with headlights

The aim of the checks, according to the police, was to ensure that the operators of electric scooters comply with the provisions of the new legislation and to raise awareness of road safety issues when using these devices.

Among the main provisions of the legislation, which came into force, included the obligation for operators to always wear a protective helmet and fluorescent clothing at night.

It is also stipulated that such devices may only be used on a road with a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h, on a cycle track, on a cycle lane or on an extension of a cycle track which bears a special sign.

Their use is prohibited on motorways, expressways, squares or pedestrian streets (unless otherwise specified by the municipality or community concerned).

Under the legislation, only persons over the age of 14 are entitled to use e-scooters.