Chemical use to deal with rodents has been reduced by half since 2020, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Friday, saying that they are promoting more ecologically friendly ways to deal with the issue.

Speaking at a day about the subject of rodents in Limassol, Kadis said that the in the two years since the implementation of the national plan to use barn owls to deal with rodents is a trustworthy method used in modern-day farming.

“The barn owl has emerged as the best ally of the farmers, as it can consume a large number of rodents,” Kadis said.

He added that through the national plan the government is implementing targeted placement of artificial barn owl nests in all districts, in attractive locations for the birds, who use them and give birth there.

He warned against the use of chemicals, and the need for ecologically friendly control methods, as chemicals are harmful for the environment.

The results of the national rodent management plan using the barn owl are very encouraging, as since 2020 when this strategic plan began to be gradually implemented, until today, there has been a 50 per cent reduction in the use of chemicals, he said.