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Terminating pregnancy unacceptable says Bishop of Tamasos

bishop of tamasos big
Bishop of Tamasos, Isaias

Bishop Isaias of Tamasos and Orenis said he considers any process that interrupts human development after conception, “unacceptable,” saying that in this matter he agrees with the position of the Church.

Speaking on Friday, to clarify an unfinished statement during a radio interview, the bishop stated that science is also in agreement with the Church on this, because science proves that “with conception we have the beginning of the creation of a human being and this is a fact.”

“We see from the day of conception the gradual creation and completion of a brain,” the bishop added, which is proof that what was created is a human being and therefore a person, he said.

The bishop stated his belief that “the Holy Spirit enters man at the moment of conception, therefore, from the moment of conception the foetus is a life.”

“I declare myself unequivocally faithful to the teaching of the Church, without compromise and without fear of speaking publicly on the matter,” Bishop Isaias concluded.

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