Independent MP Andreas Themistocleous committed a criminal offence with the homophobic and racists rhetoric he spewed during parliament’s plenum, Akel said on Saturday.

The party said it will submit a motion to discuss Themistocleous’ attitude in parliament, which is “a disgrace to public life.”

On Friday, Themistocleous expressed his opposition to introducing mandatory sex education in schools, saying this would teach children that “it’s ok for two women to kiss each other and for two men the same.”

Material shared on what the law actually aims to introduce makes no reference to homosexuality. The law seeks to teach children signs of abuse and where to turn for help.

“Such rhetoric is not an opinion but a criminal offence and this should have been stopped in parliament,” Akel said.

“It is clear that Themistocleous is trying to drag all of parliament’s operations to his level, which are none other than racism.”

“His vulgar, racist and homophobic rhetoric, in combination with his thuggish behaviour in parliament are a disgrace to public life,” the party said.

Accept LGBTI+ also condemned his statements, calling on the attorney-general to take action and implement the law on hate speech.