There is a blatant attempt to incriminate a different point of view in parliament, Independent MP Andreas Themistocleous said on Wednesday, after he received backlash on his objection to the implementation of sex education in schools.

The former Elam and Disy MP had claimed in the house session which passed a law to introduce mandatory sex education in schools on Friday, that this would teach children that homosexuality is ‘okay’.

He was interrupted by another MP who said this was discriminatory rhetoric and it was explained that the law seeks to teach children how to identify and speak up about sexual abuse.

But on Wednesday the MP noted that a long-standing, long concealed and today a blatant attempt, is being made in parliament to criminalise politics, to incriminate a different point of view and to eliminate the great inalienable right to dissent.

“We are living in a porn-fueled and gay storm,” the MP had said on Friday, noting how the law “was guided by a diseased brain”.

“The law is nothing but an abomination. It is disgusting, deplorable and sad. We will teach children that it’s ok for two women to kiss each other, and for men the same. We will teach them that two women or two men can have a child.”

“You can’t just grab a child and teach them whatever you want. They’ll teach kids that there are 64 genders, about gender fluidity. So that Kostakis was born a boy and then became Mariyoulla.”

In today’s statements, Themistocleous also praised Anastasiades’ government but also highlighted how important, according to him, is the construction of the EastMed pipeline.

Cyprus reached the edge of abyss in February 2013, but Anastasiades’ government removed the country from that position, the former Disy MP said. However, he added, this led to thousands of victims, unemployed people, destroyed households and people who had mortgaged their home were at risk of it being taken away by the banks.

He said no matter how much people want to criticise the current president, no one can ignore the major and radical reforms such as the implementation of the national health scheme, the minimum guaranteed income and the minimum pension and wage.

President Nicos Anastasiades “saved us from a new Turkish rule” when he left the Crans Montana negotiations

Meanwhile, EastMed is the ‘golden opportunity’ of Cyprus and Greece. His remark comes months after the US said earlier this year that there is neither time nor money to support the construction of gas pipelines such as the EastMed.

In the beginning of the year, Themistocleous received a verbal reprimand by parliament, after he snapped at an official of the Green Party.

He had told Efi Xanthou, who was raising her hand to speak while she was sitting in on behalf of the Greens’ MP Charalambos Theopemptou, “You are nothing in here, get out. When you get elected by the people you will have the right to speak in parliament.”