Two people were arrested under suspicion of attempting to deal crystal meth, Paphos police said on Wednesday.

According to police spokesman Michalis Nicolaou, police received an anonymous tip at 7.45 am on Tuesday that a car was seen parked outside a home in Tala, where two men collected items from the home and placed them in the vehicle.

Police arrived at the scene, where they found the home had been broken into and it was clear items had been stolen from the home.

The home is owned by a third-country national living in Cyprus, who according to Nicolaou, is currently abroad.

The car in question is registered to a 58-year-old woman who the police were unable to locate after conducting a search.

However, police later spotted the vehicle in Yeroskipou at 11.55 am, with the 58-year-old driving it with a 35-year-old passenger.

From examinations of the vehicle, police found 17 packages with a crystal-like substance resembling methamphetamine.

Nine nylon packages contained a white crystal-like meth substance weighing 4.5 grammes, while the other eight contained a crystal meth-like substance weighing 2.5 grammes. Police also found €720 in the car.

All the items were seized as evidence.

An investigation later followed on the home of the 58-year-old, where a scale was found with more of the meth-like substance. The scale was seized.

Police also seized nine mobile phones, eleven paintings, and several computers as evidence.

During their search, police said that the woman also seems to have destroyed a piece of evidence.

Police are continuing their investigation.