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Cypriot fintech entrepreneur stars in innovative Noonies tech awards


Following a public vote among 32 nominees, a young Cypriot entrepreneur emerged victorious at the prestigious Noonies international awards.

Demetrios Zamboglou was named ‘Fintech Contributor of the Year’ for 2022 by online publication Hackernoon. “The battle for the title included 32 nominations and pulled in 849 votes. I was humbled to hear that I had received over 50% of the vote and had won the award”, Demetrios Zamboglou said.

The Noonies are a set of awards presented by the online publication Hackernoon — one of the biggest international technology communities in the world. The Hackernoon community consists of over 35,000 contributing writers and an audience of approximately 8 million monthly readers. In 2022, 143,156 people voted on as many as 4,743 nominees, making the Noonies fiercely competitive.

For the past four years, they’ve celebrated the brightest Fintech and tech stars by recognising technological achievements.

What makes the Noonies special is that both the nominees and the ultimate winners are selected by the public. In other words, thousands of tech users who interact with the world of technology.

To be nominated, one must be recognized as a leading author by readers and, most importantly, have amassed a library of quality content valued by the online community.

“Sharing knowledge can ultimately help others and that’s special,” Zamboglou explained.

Commenting on the importance of the award, Demetrios Zamboglou noted that “it’s a great honour to win the award because it represents validation. To have thousands of tech-savvy users enjoying my writing is a great feeling while also confirming that my contribution to the world of fintech is making a difference. The award is also a testament to my work and reflects my education and professional experience. Making regular contributions to Hackernoon on various topics allows me to give something back to the community. Sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the past decade can ultimately help others – and that’s special.”

Another important factor is authenticity, since the Noonies are not something one can pay to obtain.

“Unfortunately, the online world is brim-full of marketing and advertising opportunities. This is not the case with Hackernoon. Readers are asked to submit nominations for review, which means only genuine contributors are considered”, Demetrios Zamboglou said.

“English is not my first language, while Fintech is not Cyprus’ traditional forte. Winning the award is, therefore, a means of symbolising my nation’s ability to excel in things we usually wouldn’t.”

Looking forward, Demetrios Zamboglou plans to continue contributing to Hackernoon for the foreseeable future. “Seeing my words having a positive impact inspires me to continue improving as a person, as a fintech professional and as a Hackernoon contributor,” he said.

Furthermore, the fintech disruptive entrepreneur is planning to put his knowledge into practice.

“I will continue building one of the most revolutionary new brokers in the online trading space. Doto is a fresh fintech startup delivering institutional-level service to a retail audience. As the company’s CEO, it is my duty to steer the firm towards our ultimate mission goal: to serve thousands of retail traders with professional trading tools.” he said.

According to Demetrios Zamboglou, popular interest in the financial markets is growing while the number of people choosing to self-manage their wealth is rapidly increasing. “By offering direct access to the financial arena, alongside the education necessary to prosper there, it’s my intention to ensure Doto becomes the most trusted and best-equipped platform in the world.”

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