Police in Paphos on Friday are investigating an attack on a 29-year-old man, who claimed three people beat him and sprayed him with an object emitting harmful gases.

According to the testimony the 29-year-old gave, the three individuals attacked him at 11.50pm on Thursday night, while he was walking towards his work at a bakery.

One of the individuals approached him and hit him with a club and then sprayed him with an object containing harmful gases.

The man, who had been talking on his mobile phone, dropped his phone and attempted to flee. On returning he saw that his mobile had been stolen.

The 29-year-old went to Paphos General A&E, where doctors said he had scratches on his hand.

The incident is being investigated.

In a comment, Paphos police spokesman Michalis Nicolaou said that the motive for the attack seem to be racist.