Picture this. You go to a pop-up market and you are encouraged to buy absolutely nothing. Sounds crazy? It may seem contradictory at first yet the Buy Nothing Bazaar at Kaymakkin Social space on Sunday wants to step away from unnecessary purchases that tend to be at an all-time high during the Christmas period, and suggests something alternative.

“Skip the pressure of mass sales and the imperative to always buy more,” organisers say. “Collect items from your home and bring them to swap to update your style, your home, or gift a loved one.”

Instead of spending money to buy something new, Kaymakkin Social space encourages people to bring something they own that they do not need or want anymore and swap it with something another person has brought. A kind of swap-it-market if you will. “Anything that could become someone’s treasure is welcome,” they add. Clothes, housewares, art and decorations, art supplies or other items could be brought.

Held at their space in Old Kaimakli, they invite those who have something to bring to head over at 10am and set them up in the garden for the swap to begin at 11am. ”Our goal is mutuality and shared resources so we are not taking ‘donations’ for this event,” they conclude “and we hope you will find things valuable to you.”

Buy Nothing Bazaar

Swap bazaar. December 18. Kaymakkin Social space, Nicosia. 11am. Facebook page @SocialSpaceKaymakkin