The public has been urged to register and get out to vote in the upcoming February presidential elections, as four candidates jointly issued the call.

On Friday, four candidates – Nikos Christodoulides, Andreas Mavroyiannis, Constantinos Christofides, and Achilleas Demetriades – appeared in a short clip where they outlined the importance of voting.

The narrator starts off by saying that an abstention means that others decide on your behalf – “your voice is not being heard”.

Mavroyiannis then addresses the audience and says, “empower your voice with your vote”, followed by Demetriades who says that your future is in your hands.

Christofides follows up by saying that the elections concern everyone – including you.

Christodoulides then says that Cyprus needs you to have a say and a role.

The camera then pans out and shows the four candidates in a well-kept office standing together and laughing together.

The narrator concludes by saying that your vote is your voice and to enrich it by participating.

First time voters or those seeking to register are asked to do so at the website.