Titled ‘exercises in becoming uncertain (variation III)’, an upcoming event will explore cinematic reading in English of a cross-disciplinary research project unfolding in a series of film lecture performances.

A film performance by Marianna Christofides will be held as part of the exhibition programme for In The Sea Of The Setting Sun – Contemporary Photographic Practices and the Archive at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art – SPEL at Pallas Theatre on December 22.

“In a continually evolving exploratory cinematic reading, Marianna Christofides reflects on the multiple beginnings in her encounters with bruised life worlds. Over the last years, the artist’s research has been largely rooted in Japan, a country ceaselessly hit by natural as well as ‘unnatural,’ that is, human-made disasters,” organisers said. “In image, word and sound she deals with slow violence, interrupted life trajectories, tectonic shifts and environmental disasters and the ways to live on in the wake of such calamities. Guided by the quiet hum of energy forces and their (in)visible trails that have the capacity to transform catastrophes into sources of creation and hope, Christofides pursues these questions in collaboration with artists, activists, scientists and scholars in and outside Japan.

“Drawn to those who fight in the aftermath of catastrophes, their daily battle on the ground, thereby constantly facing an uncertain future, Christofides’ 16mm film footage and her essayistic narrative address a multitude of embodied ecologies of knowledge. These emerge from practices as diverse as farming on radioactive land after the Fukushima triple disaster, or feminist eco-critical writing in support of the victims of mercury poisoning in Minamata. Through poetical and at times confronting gestures, Christofides thus lyrically wrestles with some of the key environmental issues and societal challenges of our times.”

Exercises in Becoming Uncertain (Variation III)

Film performance by Marianna Christofides. Part of the In The Sea Of The Setting S – Contemporary Photographic Practices and the Archive. December 22. Pallas Theatre, Nicosia. 7pm. In English. Tel: 22-479600