The Cyprus human resources development authority (Anad) on Monday announced a new Russian language learning course.

Anad’s stated aim is to provide training opportunities for the unemployed to learn Russian, thereby improving and broadening their employment prospects.

The 100-hour training programme is to be provided by a vocational training centre, selected following a relevant tender.

Unemployed persons who participate in the programme will be paid a training allowance of €5 per hour of training, that is, €500 per trainee for the entire course.

Participants will also receive a travel and expenses allowance of €8 daily, for travel within the district or for a distance of less than 25km from the participant’s residence. The allowance increases to €12 per day for travel outside the district or a distance from the participant’s residence of 25km or more.

Participants will additionally receive contributions to social security, social cohesion, Gesy and insurance funds, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

The programmes will be offered in all districts, depending on demand, and any individual registered with the public employment service can apply. Priority is granted to those with work experience in the hotel industry over the last two years.

Conditions and criteria apply, as detailed on the Anad website at Applications are accepted until January 23, 2023, 2 pm, only in electronic form at

Interested parties can call CDA College Pafos Ltd at 26 600069 or 99 934634 or contact the Public Service Officer of the Human Rights Council, at 22 390300 for further information.