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Cabinet extends support measures for electricity bills, agriculture sector


Cabinet on Tuesday decided to extend the government allowance covering energy expenses for another two months, at a cost of around €25 million. The scheme covers domestic, commercial and industrial use, as well as water pumping consumption.

The scheme encompasses 449,000 homes and 115,000 businesses, deputy government spokeswoman Niovi Parisinou said. It has been in place for November and December and is now being extended for another two months to include January and February 2023, at an estimated cost of €25m.

To date, measures to support vulnerable groups and businesses including those in agriculture and animal husbandry amount to €600m, Parisinou noted. Extra support is being slated in to help the agriculture sector, she added.

Due to the increasing costs of production linked to price hikes in electricity costs, fuel and fertilizers, the government decided to offer up to €500,000 to support the citrus cultivation industry due to the challenges it faces in connection with Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.
Earlier in the day, energy expert Charles Ellinas said a further increase in electricity costs was inevitable.

Cabinet also approved financial support to the irrigation departments of Akriades in Arakapas and Linos in Oras, amounting to €126,885. For 2022, the relevant committee approved a €200,000 grant for 12 irrigation departments which had applied for the financial support by the October 31, 2021 deadline.

Recognising that as of January 2023 financial crisis pay cuts for civil servants will be reinstated, cabinet moved to restore community leaders’ pensions to those they had in 2013, effective January 1, next year.

Community leaders in the north will also receive a monthly and 13th retirement compensation, equal to 50 per cent of what former community leaders in government-controlled areas used to receive. Niovi specified the decision for this was taken on October 18 and will apply to community leaders over the age of 60, have served at least 30 months and are no longer in office.

Cabinet approved €20,000 for the third age observatory.


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