The police on Wednesday warned that heightened road safety checks will be carried out from December 23 through to January 6, as they also issued safety advice for the holidays.

The bolstered patrols will be placed along the primary and secondary road network, during the period typically deemed particularly dangerous due to drink driving and speeding.

The force stated that there will be zero tolerance for the key drivers of fatal road crashes, most notably driving under the influence, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt or safety helmet.

The police reiterated that careless and reckless overtaking, driving through red lights and not correctly holding the steering wheel are also major contributors to fatal crashes.

Other safety advice from the police is centred on the public minimising the risk of their property being stolen. They offered that expensive items should not be left lying in clear display in a car, that people should keep their wallet and keys safely secured in their front pockets and avoid posting on social media that they will be away from their homes.

The police asked the public to contact them where and when necessary, at 1460, 112, or 199.