Protesters with Russian flags gathered outside Larnaca district court on Wednesday which held the latest hearing against the 55-year-old Ukrainian woman who is facing charges of carrying a weapon to cause terror.

The woman was released on bail as the court set the next hearing for January 17.

The group gathered and held placards which read “No to terrorism in Cyprus” and “We demand protection and justice”, referencing the August 22 incident when she allegedly approached a group of about 20 people celebrating Russia’s flag day.

On October 5, the 55-year-old woman pled not guilty to the charges of carrying a knife outside the home, disorderly conduct, breach of the peace, and drunkenness – with added charges of racism.

Videos circulated on social media appeared to show the woman holding a knife and staggering towards the small group gathered there.

During her first hearing in September, protesters gathered outside the court and urged the authorities not to focus on an alleged intent to terrorise. They carried placards reading ‘No to War’.