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Christmas meat prices up, basket of 35 items for family of four will cost €166

Υπουργός Γεωργίας Επίσκεψη στην υπεραγορά ΜΕΤΡΟ στο Στρόβολο
Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis at the Metro Supermarket in Nicosia on Thursday

By Andria Kades and Nick Theodoulou

The quantity and quality of products on the market are excellent, and consumers should have zero concerns about what they’re buying, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Thursday, as he toured a supermarket in Strovolos, Nicosia.

Walking past the aisles at Metro supermarket, he described the prices as “satisfactory” but observed the price hike on meat compared to last year, due to the increased cost of production.

“Through these inspections, we observe the products that reach the plate of the Cypriot consumer are in excellent condition and consumers should have no fear over the quality of the products.”

“Overall, both quantity and quality are in great condition, there are ample products and choices,” Kadis said.

He strolled past the fruit section, wines, meat and fish, and lingered around the cheese aisle, where he examined halloumi PDO labelling.

Commenting on the prices, he noted the good weather led to “satisfactory prices” on agricultural products, mainly for tomatoes, cucumbers and other perishables. “Compared to last year, there is an increase in meat prices and this is normal due to the large increase in the cost of production.”

Kadis added he was “greatly satisfied” that the supermarket was implementing a provision in the law passed last year, that puts an end to delayed payments, for instance paying suppliers a month later.

Earlier this week, the butchers’ association said it would need to import lamb from Greece to cover demand. It observed a small fall in demand for certain meats, such as beef and turkey, was expected after prices rose by 30 per cent, but added that it is still quite high as Cypriots love meat.

The agriculture census revealed Cyprus is a nation of pork eaters with organic farming accounts for 4.1 per cent of the agricultural area.

Meanwhile, the Cyprus Consumers Association revealed a four-member, well-off family can expect to spend about €166 on about 35 goods for the Christmas meal.

According to the findings, a four-member family on a budget will spend about €92 on 19 items.

It also stated that a poorer four-member family is likely to purchase 11 items for the Christmas meal at a cost of €24.

For six-member families, the prices in ascending order are €37 for a poor family, €119 for a family on a budget and €241 for a richer family.

The association reasoned that the prices are not expected to fluctuate much until Christmas, with the only goods subject to change perhaps being vegetables.

It noted that the study was carried out between December 12 and December 21 and was centered on Nicosia four largest supermarkets and six smaller markets.

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