Candidates for the Presidency of the Republic continued their campaign activities during the last three days mainly with statements on various issues.

At the same time, the Interior Ministry recalled on Monday, in a press release, that December 27 is the last day to register on the electoral roll for the upcoming presidential elections and to opt to vote at a polling station abroad.

All local District Administration Offices, Citizen Service Centers, and the Central Election Office at the Ministry of Interior will be open until 5.00 pm to receive applications for registration on the electoral roll, a relevant statement noted.

In a written statement on Saturday, Democratic Rally President and candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Averof Neophytou, congratulated the new Archbishop of Cyprus Georgios, for his election, noting his party’s respect for the Church’s mission.

A press release issued by Neophytou’s election campaign staff said that members of the university student’s union Protoporia gathered on Friday evening at his central campaign offices. During the event Neophytou elaborated on his vision for the governance of the country, with young people at the forefront.

In his Christmas message, independent candidate, Andreas Mavroyiannis, who had to self isolate during the last days as he suffered from COVID-19, said that the meaning of Christmas is love for every human being and hope for humanity and wished for the country and for the whole world to become a better place to live in.

Independent candidate, Nikos Christodoulides, speaking during an event organised by the environmental NGO “Green Shield” in Nicosia on Saturday stressed the need to speed up green transition through concrete activities.

He congratulated the NGO for its determining role in achieving the goals that have been set out and noted that “we must act immediately in order to address all the very serious challenges that we will have to face if we do not take the necessary measures.”

In a written statement, far-right ELAM party and candidate for the presidency, Christos Christou, said that the party struggles to maintain the Greek character of semi-occupied Cyprus. Moreover he said that candidates at the elections and parties that support them are part of the same political philosophy, governance and of the same system of corruption and conflict of interests.

Christou called on people to join them, adding that “together we will be more powerful and we can bring real change!”

Independent candidate, Achilleas Demetriades, speaking during the same event as Christodoulides on Saturday said that the right to a clean environment should be safeguarded by the Constitution. He congratulated the NGO and noted his concern for a clean environment, adding that everyone must have the right to enjoy it.

Independent candidate, George Kolokassides, congratulated the new Archbishop of Cyprus Georgios, for his election, expressing certainty that he will be a clear voice in the struggle of the people of Cyprus to free the country and will stand by the people who are in need.

The new Archbishop of Cyprus Georgios guarantees the national and social role of the Church of Cyprus, he added.