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Protest over dog poisoning

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The Animal Party is organising a protest on January 8 outside the Kantou community leader’s offices, after a poisoned dog seen crying on the street was ignored for 24 hours. It called on the interior minister to step outside his office and investigate the rampant offences against animal welfare.

According to both the Animal Party and Green Party, the Kantou community leader was asked to help with the dog’s rescue and he refused.

“He did nothing. Instead, he left the dog there to die in the most slow and barbaric way,” the Animal Party said.

Activists charge that neither the community council nor its leader did anything about it, even though the dog was close to their offices.

“We want to remind that deliberate animal poisoning is illegal and a punishable offence, even with prison time. We also want to remind that according to the law, municipalities and local authorities are responsible to look after strays,” the Green Party, which brought the issue to the fore said in a statement.

“Local authorities are also required to keep proper areas for stray animals, which clearly was not done this time.”

The dog died on Friday and according to the Green Party, which said it received a complaint over the matter, the dog had been deliberately poisoned. It had been seen crying on the pavement but no one did anything to help it and the community council had not taken any action.

Eventually, someone informed an animal activist who ran to the scene to save the dog. It was taken to a vet but eventually died.


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