The operation of the Famagusta port in the north might be suspended as it is too costly to upgrade, ‘transport minister’ Erhan Arikli said on Thursday.

It will cost about €200 million to upgrade the port, so it is possible for it to be shut down in two years as it will gradually deteriorate, Arikli has said according to the Turkish Cypriot media.

He was speaking during a discussion on the budget of his ‘ministry’, during which the academic and former leader of the YDP party noted that EU officials warned of this development 20 years ago.

In the same EU report, it was mentioned that the repair costs needed amounted to €200 million.

On the same issue, the owner of the Ozkirac Lifting and Shipping company Yiltan Ozkirac said the situation of the port is appalling. He echoed the ‘minister’s’ statement, saying the port might have to stop operating in two years.

But Ozkirac said the problems can be solved with a proper tender.

Famagusta port is the main port in the north handles all kinds of cargoes excluding petroleum products.