Nicky Nightmare is a solo rock artist who is passionate about his music, his writing, and what he is able to promote through his fans, namely, raising money for “To Write Love On Her Arms.”

We sat down to chat with him about what motivated him to make a career in music, as well as what, and who, continues to inspire him.

Is there a band that influenced you to explore your musical ambitions?

“Nirvana started it all. At 11, I saw the music video for ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and I haven’t turned back since. I was inspired to not only learn guitar, but also to write songs that would mean something to people. Nirvana changed the music industry in a significant way through unique and captivating songs accompanied by exciting music videos which brought their songs to life.

Nirvana’s influence on my life, and my music, has never waned. The music video of my latest single, ‘Pretty Little Liar’, released in January, has an homage to the band – a testament to their influence. I’m beyond excited for viewers to see the reference to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, and to share in my admiration of the band.”

You’re a big supporter of the charity To Write Love On Her Arms. Why do you feel so passionately about this non-profit organization?

“Mental illness and addiction cause unimaginable pain to those who live with it and their families. Unfortunately, rather than being met with compassion, they often suffer from unspeakable judgment. ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ combats this by focusing their efforts on treatment and recovery.

I try to raise as much money for them as possible. I know that the money is being put to good use, and that this money can save lives – literally.

I suppose my support of the charity also comes from the fact that in the entertainment industry, we see quite a bit of these issues. I have witnessed extraordinarily talented people fall prey to these diseases. If they aren’t dealt with appropriately, the world at large may suffer the loss of people who should have had the chance to share their brilliance, and inspire people through their music, art, and movies.”

How would you describe your musical style?

“I suppose I’d classify myself as a grunge artist. I find inspiration in artists like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and The Smashing Pumpkins, and I hope to be counted amongst their ranks as I release more music.

I love how grunge music was arguably the first to bring alternative rock into what we know as mainstream pop today. Grunge music really has the ability to bring light to issues which are important to me, issues which are deeply tied to my dedication to ‘To Write Love On Her Arms.’ Grunge music has long given voice to social and emotional isolation, addiction, and psychological damage.

Music has this incredible ability to speak to people – within the lyrics they find connection, understanding, and, most importantly, hope. Stories are meant to be told, and heard, and what is music but a story?

With every chord I play, and every word I give voice to, I want listeners to hear my story, and find a space to formulate their own.”

Final thoughts

With a new single on the horizon, Nicky Nightmare is entering the new year with a bang. His latest single, “She Crazy,” has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify, but Nicky hopes that “Pretty Little Liar” will gain even more traction. As we face the new year with all of its challenges, and its hopes, Nicky Nightmare is looking forward to appreciating every second of 2023, and allowing those moments to shape not only himself, but also his music.

For all of the Nirvana fans out there, take a look at the music video to be released on 6 January 2023 in order to see the tribute to the band.