Works Minister Yiannis Karousos on Tuesday inspected the ongoing restoration projects being carried out at the churches of Ayioi Iliofoti, Ayioi Barnabas and Ilarion and Ayios Kassianos accompanied by director of the antiquities department Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou.

The Ayioi Iliofoti church, located close to the village of Kato Moni, dates back to the 18th century. It was erected in front of a tomb, which is believed to be the resting place of several Alamanian monks who lived in the area and were known as Ayioi Iliofloti.

The total cost of the restoration works amounts to around €33,000.

“We must protect and highlight our ecclesiastical monuments as an integral part of our culture and history,” Karousos said during the visit.

“The protection and preservation of our cultural heritage is a debt to our future generations and to Hellenism.”

The transport ministry has also added an additional €65,000 to other restoration projects aimed at preserving historical ecclesiastical monuments on the island.

Karousos added that throughout the past two years, the antiquities department also completed some crucial restoration works on the Ayios Antonios chapel in Peristerona, after structural issues were threatening its preservation.

The works, worth €112,290, were fully funded by the transport ministry.