Five people have been arrested for alleged assault, threats and the killing of a dog in Paphos.

Police started investigating the complaints of a 38-year-old who on December 29 was attacked by four people near his house. They then proceeded to damage his car.

The man managed to identify three of the suspects, aged 42, 28 and 22, for whom warrants were issued.

Following the assault, on December 31, the 38-year-old told the police that he noticed a suspicious car passing outside his house while hearing a gunshot. He managed to identify the driver of the car, as well as the passenger.

On the same day, he found his dog dead outside his home. Later on, he also allegedly received threatening phone calls on his mobile.

On January 2, four suspects, aged 42, 29, 28 and 26, were arrested.

The case was registered for trial by the Paphos district court, which ordered that the four suspects be released on condition their presence was assured at their hearing.

On January 11, the fifth suspect, aged 22, was located and arrested. He was questioned and remanded.