Police in Limassol arrested a 40-year-old and a 21-year-old, in relation to two investigated  cases of burglary and theft.

The first case concerns burglary of a residence, committed on December 15 and reported to police on the same day. A sum of money, electronic devices, clothing, accessories, and personal documents of the occupant were stolen from the residence.

Police found evidence against a 40-year-old man, against whom an arrest warrant was issued on January 13. He was located early Tuesday in Limassol and taken into custody.

The second arrest concerns a burglary at a betting agency, committed between Sunday and Monday. The property manager reported to police that a sum of money and a mobile phone had been stolen.

Suspicions were raised against a 21-year-old daily visitor to the agency. The man was arrested on Monday and taken into custody, while he was also determined to be residing illegally in the republic.