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Okypy proposal akin to ‘reheated food’ unions blast, amid threats of ‘dynamic measures’

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Unions on Tuesday decried the latest proposal from the state health services (Okypy) on collective agreements, describing it as akin to “reheated food.”

Expressing disappointment over it, unions said “the proposal presents nothing new” and is missing the basic principles required in collective agreements. If Okypy does not step up, then the unions will go on strike, they said.

Okypy’s proposal concerns thousands of staffers working in the state health services that were hired in 2019 with personal contracts. Unions are instead seeking collective agreements that reflect those in semi-government sectors.

“This proposal is beneath the circumstances and our expectations,” that have nothing to do with resolving the problem, unions Sek, Peo, Deok, Pasydi, Pasyki and Pasyno said after receiving the latest proposal.

A meeting is slated for next Tuesday, with the aim that Okypy will submit an ‘improved’ proposal, so as to begin a dialogue. If a solution is not found then measures will be intensified, unions noted.

General secretary for Sidikek-Peo, Nicos Gregoriou told CNA that Okypy’s stance was “not helpful at all”.

Asked if Tuesday’s proposal had any improvements compared to previous versions, Gregoriou said the differences “make no difference to the substance (of the agreement).”

“They’re presenting reheated food in front of us after the a two-hour work strike we did, and after the health minister himself offered to find a solution.”

It is not the goal of unions to take tough measures, but are instead seeking to give employees collective agreements. Nonetheless, should this not be done, unions will be ‘forced’ to take measures.

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