The court case for 74-year-old David Hunter currently in trial for killing his wife was postponed on Thursday due to the nationwide strike across the island over the cost of living allowance (CoLa).

Hunter suffocated his wife Janice, 75, in December 2021 who suffered from leukemia. He then attempted to kill himself. Hunter has claimed he killed her in their Paphos home because he could no longer bear to see her suffer.

The trial has been postponed seven times so far, largely due to the attorneys seeking more time to assess the evidence. In December last year, it appeared that the two sides had agreed the facts of the case, which would have allowed Hunter to change his plea from non-admission to murder, on condition that he be charged with manslaughter which carries a far lighter sentence.

However, in a last-minute decision, the attorney-general decided to reject the change. He will thus be tried for murder.

The new date for the trial has not yet been confirmed.